APS budget cuts approved by school board

the board voted unanimously to approve superintendent winston brooks plan to cut the budget but rather than brooks deciding on cuts for individual schools — the schools will make most of those hard decisions joe vigil is live at aps headquarters with our top story as far as cuts to staff and teachers–district leaders say the plan actually turned out better than expected under the current plan about 180 people will lose their jobs—-but not the hundreds as some had feared the cuts are certainly going to hurt and
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10 01 pm residents let the board know i m angry and i m upset i can t believe that you want to impact children s lives like this the plan approved here tonight is expected to wipe out the district s current 43 8 million dollar budget deficit and balance the books i just want that clear if it s reported in the news tonight that it s not hundreds and hundreds and 500 and 600 700 layoffs in this district but the jobs of 180 double-dippers who came back to the district and have been back less than three years –will be eliminated and it s still possible other staff and teachers may go too each school principal will have to cut nearly one and a half percent from their schools total budget along with 30 from their discretionary budget that could includes things like a new library before and after school programs or teaching and staff positions the principals are going to have to decide pick and choose you know on the other hand it s a good thing because

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